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Human Resources is located at 677 East 12th Ave., Suite 400. Our mailing address is: 5210 University of Oregon, Eugene OR, 97403-5210.

Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics

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HR: Skill Code Sheet

Please indicate your clerical skills in areas where you are fully proficient. Do not indicate skills you are not willing to use on the job.


Position Applying For:

I am familiar with the general use & operation of a computer
I can type words per minute

I am familiar with:

Microsoft Windows
Word Processors

Public Contact, Writing, & Accounting:

Providing to & receiving information from the general public
Providing to & receiving information from upset or frustrated people
Providing information in person to a large number of people
Providing information over the phone to a large number of people
Composing correspondence and other documents
Composing & publishing simple informational web pages
Posting/balancing entries to accounts/ledgers
Preparing invoices for payment/assigning account information
Recording information in a financial information system
Other Clerical Skills (Please list below)


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