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Fiscal Coordinator 1 - Archive

Classification:  C1205
Department:Business Affairs Office
Salary:$19.31 - $29.56 Per Hour
o The University of Oregon Business Affairs Office (BAO) invites applications for two full-time positions for Property Control Coordinator (Fiscal Coordinator 1).
o These are classified positions represented by SEIU local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union.
o University of Oregon positions that are at least half-time are eligible for excellent benefits, including health and dental, employer-paid retirement, and tuition benefits for employee or an eligible dependent, sick and vacation leave.
o Due to budgetary shortfalls, the person appointed to this position will be required to take unpaid furlough days between date of hire and June 30, 2013.
o This recruitment is open to any applicant who meets the qualifications listed below.


... bachelor's degree with 24 quarter (16 semester) hours of accounting courses and two years of accounting experience; OR
... CPA or PA certificate and two years of accounting experience; OR
... 24 quarter (16 semester) hours of college accounting courses and three years of accounting experience.

Accounting experience must include at least 6 of the following:
* documenting and resolving problems within an accounting system;
* classifying revenues and expenditures to funds and accounts;
* ensuring accounting system conforms with applicable controls;
* reconciling accounts to general or control ledgers;
* preparing journal vouchers;
* applying accounting principles to one or more functional areas, i.e., AR, AP, etc.;
* tracing errors through accounting system;
* processing data using a computer;
* communicating technical material orally and in writing;
* applying computer report information;
* knowledge of governmental and fund accounting;
* applying PC spreadsheet, database, and word processing software.

Please submit transcript of all required and or related courses. All courses must be from accredited colleges or universities.

Position also requires excellent analytical, written and verbal communication skills; ability to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures; proficiency in computer software technology; demonstrated independent problem solving skills; the ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism.

Position is subject to criminal background check.


These positions are responsible for accurately reporting and maintaining records for of all University of Oregon (UO) capitalized, non-owned, and high risk property. Duties include:
... identifying, recommending, and assisting in developing and evaluating polices and procedures related to capital assets; implementing new accounting standards and pronouncements; reviewing and administering new policy and procedures from federal, state, or local agencies; assisting in drafting UO policy changes; communicating with campus departmental staff and assisting them in adhering to policies and procedures either through list serves, e-mail, memos and/or large/small group meetings; maintaining the policy and procedural information contained in the BAO Property Control website.
... reviewing and approving on-line invoices and journal vouchers for fixed assets; editing information in the Financial Information System (FIS) to ensure that all required information is included in the text fields; maintaining the additions and deletions to records in the FIS fixed asset system; assisting the Accounting Manager in reconciling balances in FIS fixed asset system to the FIS general ledger; analyzing and correcting any out of balance condition; running and posting monthly depreciation expense process; ensuring that all assets are depreciating properly utilizing FIS system audit reports and making corrections as needed; serving as back-up on tagging of new capitalized, non-owned, and high risk assets in the fixed asset system.
... coordinating the surplus property process, including overseeing the advertising, pickup, and delivery; counseling departmental staff on appropriate documentation; ensuring items in the surplus property warehouse are flowing through in a timely fashion; ensuring that movement of surplus items within and between UO departments meet federal, state, and local rules, regulations, policies, and procedures; coordinating the sales of surplus UO items in a cost effective and efficient manner, including advertising, collecting sales revenue, setting terms or restrictions.
... determining whether surplus items were paid from sponsored research funds and if the item was capitalized; coordinating the sale or donation of working sponsored research funded items with Sponsored Projects Services and Administration; working with BAO Property Control Coordinator with capitalized items to update location, disposal method, and report any proceeds from sales; maintaining a list of qualified non-profit agencies that have requested UO surplus items and completing the required paperwork for the transfer of property to the recipient; working with departments to ensure all surplus policies have been followed.
... coordinating the inventory of fixed assets, non-owned items, and high risk equipment, including visiting rooms that house property to confirm fixed asset database is correct; downloading data from the FIS and creating tagging reports or uploading data with bar-code scanner; printing bar-coded stickers to identify asset number and UO ownership; updating fixed asset system for data acquired during departmental inventory process; completing periodic inventory of surplus warehouse.


Work is performed in an open office and the noise level is heightened at various times due to office machinery in surrounding area. Work is also performed in various university units campus-wide and in the surplus property warehouse.


To assist us in making the selection for this position, please respond to the following questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper. Number your responses to correspond to the questions and describe your experience and training related to each item. Make sure your experience and training described in your responses are included in your application.

1. Refer to the list of duties and responsibilities contained in the job announcement. Describe how your skills, abilities, and experience will allow you to meet these requirements. Please discuss each element completely, but succinctly.

2. The University of Oregon (UO) runs a decentralized accounting and property control system. Individuals within a department can have a wide range of levels of authority, knowledge, abilities, and amount of time to devote to property control. Please describe your experience in communicating, training, and working with people at multiple levels within an organization.

3. This position requires effective collaboration within the Business Affairs Office (BAO) and UO campus departments. Describe your ability to work collaboratively in a team environment. Please provide some examples.

4. This position is required to coordinate accounting for personal and real property. Please provide several examples of internal controls over property and why they are necessary.

5. The UO's property database is used to track personal and real property, accumulated depreciation, replacement values, ownership, location, and other important information. Please describe your experience in maintaining large databases.


Online submission is the preferred method. Create an account at:
Human Resources Job Application Form (Online)

Paper submission can be made by printing the form at:
Human Resources Job Application Form (PDF)

Mail or hand deliver the paper application and all relevant materials, including the answers to the supplemental questions, by 5:00PM on the closing date to:

Human Resources
677 East 12th Ave., Suite 400
5210 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5210

The UO Human Resources application must be filled out completely, with a signature or it will not be accepted. Make sure to keep a copy of your application packet for job interviews.

The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the ADA. The University encourages all qualified individuals to apply, and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected status, including veteran and disability status.